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Very Best Of The Big Island In Hawaii

I won’t ever forget the scent of plumerias after heading to the Big Island! Once you get off the plane, you’re engulfed by the beautiful smell. The warm rays caressed the face of mine while the mild trade winds blew. At that moment I knew I had found paradise.

My mom is actually from Oahu, but moved to the Big Island in 1996. I have been visiting her regularly for the past 13 years. In that time I have learned a lot about the Big Island. I know where you can look for lava, where to look for black sand beaches, where to find turtles, and how to look for magical green sand. In this article I will be describing the best features that the Big Island is offering.

Getting there the best way to go to the Big Island is simply by plane. You can find men and women that sail, cruise and also swim to the Big Island, however, I recommend arriving by plane often to Hilo or Kona. There are some airlines that I recommend when flying to Hanauma bay Hawaii plus two, in particular, I will stay away from no matter what. Hawaiian Airlines was started in 1929 and will be the longest running airline that flies to and from Hawaii. They rely on their flight history, reputation, and dedicated customers to stay in business. Hawaiian Airlines is generally on time and they offer sufficient customer service. Alaska Airlines has constantly treated me quite well. They fly straight away to Hilo and Kona from a number of cities along the west coast of the U.S., have noticeably substantially more leg space, and very best of all they provide a complimentary glass of wine, beer, or perhaps Mai Tai before landing, something that has become rare in domestic flights. In case you’re flying from New Zealand or Australia, Quantas and Air New Zealand are both trustworthy. In case you’re within a strict budget, look into Jetstar. Understand that Jetstar is a pay as you go airline. The flights are very inexpensive because anything extra you’ve to pay for (i.e. blanket, soft drinks, head phones, pillows, food, and essentially anything at all but the lavatory.)

In case you cannot fly directly to Hilo or Kona, then you’ll probably fly into Honolulu and should shift to an inter-island flight. When getting off of your airplane you will have to follow signs to the inter-island terminal (Use the wiki wiki bus! It is going to save you from a twenty minute walk in 80 % humidity that you won’t be used to yet.) The airline that I recommend for inter-island travel is Mokulele. They have impeccable customer service, their flights are usually on time, and they still give complimentary juice on the short flights.

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