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Speedballing: The Worst Of Both Worlds

The hottest New Mexico drug arrests comprise a pharmacy technician working in Albuquerque. Alexandra Patterson at 2012 was detained for allegedly buying cocaine by a worker at an Albuquerque Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant. While her family denies any wrongdoing on Patterson’s part, an individual cannot help but wonder if she had been speedballing or appreciating a speedball-type effect from her choice of drugs.

When Patterson made the bargain to purchase cocaine in the restaurant, she wriggled out of an arrest by asserting narcotics detectives to disclose the names of additional pharmacy techs and pharmacists that were also abusing drugs. However she failed to cooperate, and therefore she had been detained. The undercover detective on the situation reported that, aside from the cocaine, Patterson was suspected of using opioids like hydrocodone, Vicodin, and Percocet.

Hydrocodone is a standard pain medication basically derived from codeine. Whenever someone takes 5 mg of hydrocodone, it is like carrying 30 mg of codeine. Vicodin is a brand-name for a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen–generic Tylenol. Percocet, on the other hand, is a brand name for generic oxycodone, which more closely resembles morphine, and in addition, it contains acetaminophen. It is a little more powerful, so it is more tightly controlled by the DEA.


Many addicts really like to combine opioids and stimulant medications so that they may enjoy the very best of the two drugs and hopefully mask the unwanted effects. For instance, somebody taking a stimulant such as cocaine or amphetamines can experience uncomfortable jitteriness and palpitations in addition to paranoia and stress. Someone taking opioids could like a placid sense of euphoria but then become overly sleepy to relish the high. Whenever someone chooses the two of these drugs together, the expression is called speedballing or powerballing.

The worst, most damaging kind of speedball is that the combination of both heroin and cocaine at precisely the exact same syringe. The addict feels like he could withstand a higher dose of heroin since he is flying high. Subsequently the cocaine wears off far more quickly compared to opiate, and the individual can die of an overdose. A person carrying a trip like this bears a very real danger of getting his ticket punched, forever.

Drug-Addicted Healthcare Professionals

In the event of Alexandra Patterson detained in this New Mexico drug arrest, it isn’t yet known if she had been speedballing, with cocaine independently or painkillers independently, or utilizing neither and only selling drugs. She’s just one of many healthcare professionals that fall prey to substance abuse since drugs are so readily available to them.

This is particularly true for somebody working at the pharmacy of a centre such as a hospital or nursing home. There are numerous instances when a prescription is ordered for a patient or dispensed by pharmacy team. Then the individual dies or goes home or the physician changes the order, and the medication will be delivered back into the pharmacy for disposal. It is all too simple for pharmacy employees to pocket the medication for their own use or abuse.

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