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Simple Tips For Painting Your Own Miniatures — Tutorial

Want make your miniatures look better? Checkout these 3 easy den of imagination tips for improving your mini’s paint job!

After my article a week ago, lots of you attained with queries, opinions and comments. Always prepared to please the fans, then here is den of imagination first (of many, let us hope) easy tips to get a intricate query: How to improve your miniatures.

Now obviously I can do that situation from case and pinpoint certain details on every miniatures. However, thinking about that the 60,000 and of you around the Spikey Bits webpage and all of The Long War veterans, that could be time intensive and marginally above my paygrade, regardless of how much I like talking about that.

So here is just one of the very first technique that I wish to share with you personally. It is lovingly known as the rule ofTHREE!

The rule of 3, then put simply, is to paint 3 different colours on everything component of the version. No, I am not referring to this three shade minimum in which you spray on a prototype then add two colours in which and call it finished. This was covered previously. I am speaking about 3 colours per shade. Colorception if you are going to. I created when I soared from painting sole models to complete armies in a single week. Because with this trick, then it’s easy to become lost together with the too few or even the too many actions. This rule also keeps you in check with everything you are painting in which makes it stand out enough without being overly time consuming.

Whatever detail you paint, Then let Us State a scroll, You Still want to do it in 3 steps:

1- Some basecoat, with zandri dust

Two- Year A Shine with Ushabti bone

3- A Colour Using Seraphim Sepia

*Scroll to the end of the Post for a Complete list of Easy rule of 3s

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