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Raising Backyard Chickens – An Essential Guide – The Chicks Arrive, Now What?

So as to have a thriving poultry, and more especially chicken, surgery, it’s vital that you have the appropriate home and gear for your critters. I promise, if you follow the chick facts I’ve lined out in my past posts, you’ll discover your new enterprise considerably more pleasurable, plus considerably more successful. As you’ve started the journey, let us continue with girls…now the fun starts!

Chicks require quite a lot of care and care, therefore you must be prepared for their arrival. Ensure that the “brooder” or new house is ready, if it be a sturdy cardboard box or an elaborate set-up. You’ll need lots of fresh bedding (lots, because for small critters, they poop a lot and create a mess!), chick feeders, chick waterers, along with a heating supply.

Bedding: Bedding may be wood shavings or straw which ought to be at least two inches thick. I favor the wood shavings, as these small guys and gals will begin “scratching” the minute they touch the floor! This bedding should remain as dry and clean as possible…so, you’ll be cleaning your brooder on a regular basis!

Heating: Up to heat goes, girls need an environment having a temperature of roughly 90 degrees for the first week of existence. You will drop the temperature on your brooder 5 levels a week since the girls get larger and more powerful. A lot of men and women use a heating lamp that’s suspended about 24 inches over the brooder flooring. This lamp must have 250 watt bulb, even though I have heard of people with a 100 watt light bulb. Whatever the situation, the lamp ought to be suspended over the middle of their brooder so that the girls have ample chance to escape from the heat if they should. The trendiest place on your brooder must be no longer than 70 levels. I’ve not ever used a heating lamp…just a wood stove for warmth, and I’ve had good success in increasing my girls. The perfect way to tell if your girls do fine is to see them. If they’re running, leaping, eating, etc., then they all are only fine…like all young things! A chilly bird will probably be huddling, along with a sexy bird will probably be far away from the heat source as possible. Fix the temperature accordingly. Hey, if I could do it using a wood stove, and I admit, it is pretty catchy…you can get it done!

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