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How Can A Beginner Learn How To Read Tarot Cards?

Oh, goodie! You have decided to purchase your first tarot card deck-I expect you picked a good one-and today you’re wondering how to interpret tarot cards. First…don’t start the book. That’s appropriate. You read that right. Do NOT open the book and begin reading. Rather, choose your tarot deck from the box and manage it. Do not hesitate if it seems a bit strange to you. Occasionally your first tarot deck is the worst tarot deck. You purchase a tarot card deck that appears really good, and, yes, a few of the pictures are superbly done, but the deck simply does not talk to you. Or a part of this deck speaks to you and another part doesn’t. For the sake of the guide, let us assume that you own a tarot deck that you adore, a deck with fantastic symbolism on the cards, along with the tarot cards talk right to your instinct. Excellent! Let us start the journey, will we.

Do NOT open this publication. The first thing that you need to do is to find a pencil and a blank, lined laptop, a significant one, and find a nice comfortable place to rest for awhile and play along with your own tarot card deck. You are going to wish to maintain a location where you won’t be disrupted by children, spouses, telephones, or even the mailman. You wish to find relaxed and quiet. You wish to be in the ease and also kind of in a meditative state, a country in which you’re completely alone with all the cards rather than considering something different. Shuffle the deck. Watch the way the deck feels on your hands. Spend some time looking at every tarot card separately. (Do some cards leap from the deck?) Be conscious of these cards. They are Spirit knocking on the trunk of your mind and attempting to receive your attention.


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