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Consulting After In A Career Outplacement

Just how many people have you met who are in a career outplacement and also have a business card that states, “Consultant?” But how can you really know who are really performing consulting? Probably not many. It is something that you need to seriously think about doing…actually. One reason is a straightforward one: cash stream. However there are several other very practical reasons to do so.

For those who are (or have been) in outplacement you understand how deflating this is. You’ve got all this terrific experience and all of a sudden, nobody cares. Well, that is not correct. What is true, however, is that a lot of the recommendations job seekers get is obsolete. On peak of the listing is your quest for the “information interview.” You understand; it is the one where you are simply networking rather than really needing the person you’re meeting to provide you with a task… Right. Well, that has been how it had been done from the 90’s. I am not saying that you shouldn’t meet people and community. In fact, you ought to be doing that the whole time. Among the most common things I hear from executives in outplacement would be a lament that they didn’t construct an effective network of connections when they had been gainfully employed. You shouldn’t ever be too occupied to community. It is career management.

There’s a superior choice to this information interview. You are going to need to reach out to lots of people to get a just couple of those encounters. Normally, they are a courtesy meeting… something that’s organized for you by a friend who knows the person who you need to fulfill. So as you are reaching out to such people, why don’t you offer them something that they may actually want like short-term aid which leverages all of the wonderful experience you might have? You know the drill. There’s very little money in the budget to employ a FTE, however there could almost always be money for somebody to help out for some time. Now you turn into a problem-solver if you call rather than a personal solution seeker.

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