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Perhaps you’re new to the hobby and you’re asking yourself, what’s the ideal quadcopter to start with? If you’re experienced in wireless control or merely entirely new to this hobby in general, it is a best question!

In Flight Test we strive to concentrate on adventures that are repeatable, affordable and accessible, therefore all quadcopter reviews will concentrate on that. This is not always a review but a glance at what we recommend to friends, loved ones and FT community members whenever they inquire about novice quadcopters.

Start Small

Starting small means you first of all are not as likely to harm yourself or other people. Additionally, smaller means less mass that means you are not as inclined to take damage on your inevitable and frequent crashes to start. :)

Suggestion: Blade Nano QX$89 (Ready To Fly)

The Blade Nano is your ideal quadcopter out there about performance, durability and being a nicely balanced micro quad. It flies really stable just like a much larger quadcopter would and offers you all of the advantages of getting very knowledgeable about the controls without each of the crashes that are expensive. Plus it flies quite well inside which is good for bad weather or when it is too humid outdoors.

A popular choice to the Blade Nano is the Hubsan X4. At about $40-$50 bucks ready to fly, it’s substantially cheaper than the Blade Nano, however in our view; the Nano QX is an overall better flying experience.

Aerial Photography

Alright, let’s be honest, lots of people wish to set a quadcopter from the air to do something… to get a fantastic photos/video. Aerial photography is most likely one of the single largest drivers of this growth we’re seeing in our own hobby. But just to be clear… if you’re only getting started, we strongly suggest that you get into a micro quad core to learn the basics. Nevertheless, companies such as DJI are getting it easier than ever to get started using a camera on board.

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