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Benefits And Pitfalls Of Colocation

Hosting your own server may be an expensive enterprise. Not only do you need to pay for the server, but also the bandwidth it uses and any maintenance and management needed to maintain the machine running. This might wind up costing your company a great deal of money, but there’s a less costly alternative to all this: Colocation.

With colocation, you’re still accountable for buying the machine. However, bandwidth fees will be the responsibility of your own server colocation hosting supplier. How can colocation work? Your company stores your sensitive data, such as web pages and downloadable security, on your own server. Your host is physically taken to some other location. This location is your home gym of the colocation provider you’ve selected. When it’s there, the supplier installs your server in their own rack.

Once set up, you’ll obtain an IP address which lets you connect to a own server from afar and enables other individuals to access your site. Since big file downloads or a great deal of visitors to your website can dramatically increase the total amount of bandwidth that you use and consequently, cost you more money, colocation is a superb option.

Benefits and Pitfalls of Server Colocation

With almost any computing resource service, you’re bound to discover a range of benefits and disadvantages to utilizing the service. The exact same goes with host colocation. While colocation could possibly be a terrific option for a number of businesses, for others it could just cause more annoyance.


Server colocation eradicates the need for payment of expensive circuits to your location whilst concurrently allowing you a higher degree of uptime reliability.


If you wish to update or alter your server or applications, it’s much more challenging to do since you must get into the host, which isn’t physically on your own building.

There are many more benefits and pitfalls of colocation hosting, and Expedient will help you discover just how colocation can get the job done for you. Ask a host colocation quotation now.

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